Bikini Wax

The Basic - £15

The basic Bikini line is a quick, gentle wax in the crease of leg. Removes all visible pubic hair from outside the line of your underwear. This is for clients who either aren’t ready to take the plunge into total smoothness or just like to keep it clean but simple.

The Thong - £20

Hair is removed from the crease of the leg, tapering in narrow as the buttocks. The top of pubic triangle is perfected and the hair underneath is removed from just onto the butt cheeks.

The Classic Brazilian - £35

This means we will take almost everything off inside and out from the front of the bikini area, to include two inches passed the leg crease, labia and entire pubic mound, up the back (butt strip). We will leave you with a landing strip or triangle. Just ask!

The Hollywood Brazilian - £40

For those that want to be Completely bare, smooth & hair free!

A thorough wax that removes every single hair from the front, back, inside and out.

It includes the inner and outer labia, the pubic triangle, the two inches passed the crease of the leg, the butt crack, any visible hair on the buttocks.

The Inbetweenie - £25/£30

Those waxes inbetween the previous bikini waxes.

Can be everything off the front only.

Or Basic/thong at the front, all off behind (buttocks & butt strip).

Arms & Legs

Full Leg - £25

A full leg wax is exactly how it sounds. We will wax from outside your bikini line, down your thighs all the way to your toes. You will be required to flip onto your stomach halfway through the appointment so we will be able to reach the back of your legs.

Half Leg - £17

A half leg wax consists of either the upper half or the lower half being waxed. Both the upper and lower leg wax will include the knee as well. The lower leg will additionally include the top of your foot and toes. We will also need you to flip on our stomach mid way so we can reach the back of your legs.

Full Arm - £21

The full arm wax covers the full length of the arm and the hand as well.

Half Arm - £16

For a half arm wax, you can opt for the upper arm or the lower arm. Both upper and lower will include waxing the elbow as well. Plus the hands will also be added when you choose the lower arm wax.

Underarm - £15

The complete removal of hair from the arm pit/Axilla area.

A great add on to an arm wax

Arms & Legs

Abdomen/Tummy - £10

Removal of hair from full Stomach area.

Belly button trail - £7.50

Commonly done when having bikini waxing. The strip joining bikini & belly button.

Neck - £10

Women will get their neck waxed because they like a cleaner look when their hair is pulled up or due to having darker body hair. Sometimes this hair is hormonal or hereditary which results in stubborn course hairs which can be frustrating.

Lower Back - £10

The removal of all hair from the lower back area.

The Full Butt - £15

The full butt includes the entire backside region plus the butt strip as well.

The Butt Strip - £10

The butt strip includes only in between the cheeks. The butt strip is also included in the Brazilian wax.

The Cheeky - £10

Waxing of the Butt cheeks only.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrows - £10

No two Eyebrows are exactly the same. We like to call brows “sisters,” not twins.

But it’s our job to make them look as similar as possible.

Top Lip - £7.50

Many women have unwanted top lip hairs. This might just be peach fuzz or possibly a more discernible shadow that is annoying to look at every day.

Some people try to shave this area instead of wax. PLEASE DON’T! The hair will only return prickly and you will have to continue to shave everyday in order to avoid that feeling. Take it from us, waxing is the way to go!

Chin - £7.50

Hair removal from lower lip to where the chin meets the neck.

Sideburns - £7.50

Women sometimes struggle with an unappealing growth of facial sideburn hair. Sideburn waxing is becoming more popular in the women’s world. Your face will feel nice and smooth and makeup will go on flawlessly. The hair will come back softer and finer so it won’t bother you when it does grow back in. Just a quick strip on each side and you are good to go.

No more feeling self conscious about pulling your hair into a ponytail! A lot of women do not notice how much hair they have on their face until they have their first sideburn waxing appointment. There is no need to be embarrassed or self conscious since everyone has it.

Nostrils - £10

A ball of wax is applied to each nostril (not to both at the same time), once dried it is removed taking the hairs with it.

Astonishingly, it really doesn’t hurt but is more of a shock than anything else. We strive to make waxing as painless as possible.

Another thing to know is that we do not wax all of the hair out of your nose. We know that hair is there for a reason and only want to wax out what is necessary.

Many clients feel that they can breathe much better since there is less hair obstructing their path. They also have more confidence knowing they don’t have any nose hairs poking out.

Ears - £10

Ear hair is one of those things that everyone sees but no one likes to talk about. Once you notice it, it is impossible to forget. You can now get your ear hair waxed out and be worry free for a month.

we only use hard wax, the wax will harden on its own. First, wax will be applied to the outer edge of the ear. Then we will take a little ball of wax on the end of a popsicle stick, and place it slightly inside the ear. Obviously, we don’t want to go inside the ear canal because those inner hairs are there to help protect you.

Full Face - £30

A full face waxing appointment is perfect for someone with unwanted facial hair.

The full face waxing service consists of hair being removed from your eyebrows, lip, cheeks, sideburns, chin and nose.

The entire hair follicle is removed when being waxed out and results in a much smoother feel than shaving. Waxing is also a natural exfoliant which helps keep dead skin cells at bay. Makeup will also glide on smoothly when no peach fuzz is in the way? Score!

You always want to make sure to keep up with exfoliating and moisturizing so your skin stays nice and plump.

Waxing also damages your hair follicles; this means less hair will grow back after each appointment.